Gifts and Gatherings

Welcome to Magdalene's 
Gifts & Gatherings

We sell artisan-designed products for a purpose. 
We gather together in a safe and loving space.
Our products, programming and facilities are designed to create an experience that offers beauty and sanctuary. 

We sell so that women aren't.

The “grand opening” of Magdalene’s Gifts & Gatherings is expected to take place in the Summer of 2021.  

Our storefront will be located at 3268 Fordham Parkway, Gulf Breeze, Florida (intersection of U.S. Highway 98 and College Parkway).  Watch for the transformation to begin in May 2021 with the grand opening to follow in the Summer.

Local, artisan-designed products

Magdalene's Gifts & Gatherings specializes in local, artisan-designed products, including signature pieces carrying Magdalene’s mission, to love and serve all women in their journey toward healing and restoration. Products will include jewelry, candles, original art, photography, pottery, wall crosses, and customized and personalized gifts.

A place to gather

The best of times are when we just gather together in a safe and loving space. Of course, we can do stuff too. Magdalene's Gifts & Gatherings will offer art and pottery classes, host book and bible studies, invite local musicians to offer their gifts to patrons and volunteers, play games together or just sit and have coffee or tea. The point...gathering together. 

Gifts designed and connected with a survivor’s personal story

Our goal is to teach survivors and our patrons how to create pieces that reflect their personal and survivor stories. Both their pieces (and with their permission) their stories are an integral part of our product line.  

Books with loving and healing messages

Books by faith based authors with loving and healing messages are available to enjoy during visits by our patrons or for purchase.  

Thistle Farms Natural Body and Home Products

Magdalene’s offers signature natural body and home products from Thistle Farms, which are produced by survivors. 

A sanctuary to be savored, unhurried as you unwind from the world around you

Magdalene’s Gifts & Gatherings is designed to offer a space of rest and sanctuary.