Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Magdalene’s House limited to sex trafficking survivors?

We chose to focus our initial ministry on providing a long term residential treatment facility for only women survivors because of the degree of harm experienced by a woman who has been a victim of sex trafficking and because of the great need in our community for a facility located in our area.  

What is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is the crime of using force, fraud or coercion to induce another individual to sell sex. Common types include escort services, pornography, illicit massage businesses, brothels, and outdoor solicitation.

What are the Effects of Human Trafficking on Victims?

• Shame & grief
• Loss of stability (home, income, family, personal belongings)
• Almost total breakdown of the body, mind, and spirit
• Traumatized (often time this is severe and repeated traumas called complex trauma)
• Disconnection from healthy people
• Substance abuse/addiction to cope with the pain of existence
• Cycles of relapse and recidivism due to limited and fragmented services locally and nationally

How do you recognize the signs of trafficking?

As the U.S. anti-trafficking movement has grown in its understanding of this diverse and complex crime, it is learning more about how specific people, such as medical professionals, teachers, truck drivers, and restaurant personnel, in addition to friends and family members, can help identify and report possible trafficking. Everyone can help by learning the types of trafficking and paying attention to the people around us.  

What will survivors need?

Everything. Housing, food, clothing, medical care, emotional and spiritual support, educational and economic opportunities and love. They need a chance to heal and begin to chart a pathway to success. They need a new purpose for their life so they have meaning and a direction.

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