Core Values

Core Values


We are driven by our collective faith to share what we have so generously received, God’s transforming love. Only out of that love can we love each other and love others well and serve with a generous and Life-giving spirit. Only His love can break generational brokenness.


We value God’s truth that every woman is created in the image of our God, having immeasurable worth, loved from eternity, pursued by Him from birth and deserving to be treated with the greatest of dignity. Her God ordained role is one of royalty; she was born to be the daughter of a King. Our role is to cooperate with God as He reveals her glory. 


Our desire is to offer sanctuary to each other, to our volunteers and to our clients. We define sanctuary as a space that offers beauty, understanding, empathy and honor for one another and a place to experience His compassion, grace, forgiveness, redemption, hope and joy. Sanctuary provides a sense of coming home (literally and figuratively), a space where their souls can rest and where their new story can begin.   


We are committed to the safety and protection of each other, our clients and our volunteers, including (1) establishing appropriate programming, policies and procedures that ensure that safety and protection, (2) the continual evaluation of such programming, policies and procedures, and (3) complying with standards set forth by the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance.


We value respect, respect for each other, our volunteers and our clients. Respect cannot exist without authenticity, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, accountability and good stewardship.


While we are driven by our faith, we choose to be of service to anyone needing our care and support that otherwise meets our criteria for admission and will not deny care or adapt the quality of our care based on the faith convictions or spiritual beliefs of any survivor or volunteer. We will never force a survivor or volunteer to personally engage in our beliefs and will respect each person's individual journey as it relates to faith exploration and personal convictions.

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