Magdalene's House

Magdalene's House

Trauma Informed, 
18-24 Month Care

Voluntary Admission

Medical, Dental and Vision Care

Vocational Training

Legal Advocacy

Matching Savings Program

Individualized Counseling and 
Case Plan Development

Strength-based Living Solutions

Higher Education Opportunities

Financial Literacy Programs

No Cost To Resident

Individualized Care for Each Unique Story

Survivors are provided safe and loving support as they work through an individualized, comprehensive case management plan tailored to her unique history and circumstances.  

A Core Value of Loving Well

Our first core value is love. We are driven by our collective faith to share what we have so generously received, God's transforming love. Only out of that love can we love each other and love others well 
and serve with a generous and Life-giving spirit.

No Cost to Survivor

All services of Magdalene's House are provided at no cost to the survivor.

Recovery, Restoration and Renewal

Care begins with rest at a short term (unaffiliated facility) and, when stabilized, continues with Recovery, Restoration and Renewal at Magdalene’s House.  


Abuse is always present in control-oriented relationships. 
Additionally, addiction is one of the most powerful tools human traffickers use to coerce, manipulate, and exploit victims. 
We provide resources that assist in physical recovery from abuse and any resulting addiction.


In the past, victims have experienced repeated trauma, resulting in entrapment and suffering.
We provide trauma-informed care that allows for deep healing which results in physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration.


Human trafficers use disempowerment to control their victims.  
We empower survivors to live joyfully and independently.

Eligibility Criteria

Must be at least 18 years old.
Must be committed to living a clean and sober lifestyle.
Be willing to commit to a program offering long term care, including therapy, education, life skills and job readiness.
Enter voluntarily.

Who Is Not Eligible

Magdalene’s House will be unable to serve: 
Women who are pregnant. 
Women with children who are actively living with them. 
Women on the sex offender’s registry, though women with aggravated prostitution charges are exempt from this exclusion.
Women with outstanding criminal charges.


If you are a victim of human trafficking please call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at: (888) 373-7888

Strategic Affiliations

“To ensure the highest quality of services for our survivors, Magdalene's is engaging local, well respected organizations that are already providing Intensive Outpatient Programs, legal advocacy, medical, dental and vision care and trauma-informed therapists. Magdalene’s House would not be possible without the support of…

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