Magdalene's House

Magdalene's House

Long-term Care


Medical & Dental Care

Vocational Training

Matching Savings Program

Legal Advocacy

Individualized Care

Trauma Informed Care


Financial Literacy

No Cost To Resident

Magdalene's House is not a crisis center or short-term shelter. 

Long-term, trauma informed care

Magdalene’s House will be a long-term, residential treatment facility providing trauma-informed care to adult women victims of sex trafficking.  

Individualized care for their unique story

Survivors are provided safe and loving support as they work through an individualized, comprehensive case management plan for their unique history and circumstances.  

No cost to survivor

All services of the Program are provided at no cost to the survivor.

Recovery, Restoration and Renewal

Care begins with rest at a short term (unaffiliated facility) and when stabilized, continues with Recovery, Restoration and Renewal at Magdalene’s House.  


Physical recovery from addiction and abuse. Addiction is one of the most powerful tools human traffickers have to coerce, manipulate, and exploit victims.


Trauma-informed care to receive deep healing for physical, emotional and spiritual restoration.  Victims experience trauma repeatedly, including catastrophic and entrapping trauma.


Survivors are empowered to live independently. Human traffickers use disempowerment to control their victims.

Eligibility Criteria

Must be at least 18 years old 
Women who have experienced or are at risk of sex trafficking
Must be committed to living a clean and sober lifestyle
Be willing to commit to a long term program of therapy, education, life skills and job readiness
Enter voluntarily

Who Is Not Eligible

Pregnant women or women who have children living with her
Women on the sex offender’s registry
Women with outstanding criminal charges