Strategic Affiliations

Strategic Affiliations & Partnerships

We value learning from established organizations that have demonstrated success in their programming, such as Wellspring Living and Thistle Farms.  

We understand that resources are limited and should be managed well among the nonprofit community.  
Magdalene's will seek to build strategic partnerships with local, well-respected providers to access needed services for our clients.

Magdalene’s, Inc., has engaged Wellspring Living, a leader in residential care, to serve as mentor in developing its programming.

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Wellspring Living is a leader in the nation for residential care and through the Wellspring Living Institute is able to educate, train and mentor organizations around the world. 

Founded in 2001, Wellspring Living provides domestic sex trafficking victims and those at risk with specialized recovery services through residential and community-based programs. Wellspring Living programs are statistically proven in providing restorative services that yield positive, life-changing results. 

Wellspring Living’s mentoring program includes assistance with strategic planning, establishing development plans and policies, establishing a volunteer management program and establishing human resources procedures and forms. Specific programmatic support includes establishing intake and referral processes, navigating strategic community partners, writing and creating program descriptions and establishing outcome measures and tracking progress.

Magdalene’s, Inc., is a member of the Thistle National Network. 

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Thistle Farms, founded in 1997, provides long-term residential care to survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction. Its homes operate on a holistic model with no authority living in the house. Each one represents a community built on trust and love. Five years after graduation, 75% of its graduates are living healthy, financially independent lives. Its Core Principles are built on survivor-led communities offering survivor-centered care and based on three foundations, Health, Employment and Housing. 

The mission of the Thistle National Network is to drive systemic change by growing a survivor-led community that connects survivors of trafficking, prostitution, addiction and abuse to opportunities for healing and empowerment. An affiliate member is an organization that is working toward implementing Core Principles and meeting benchmarks set forth in their Survivor-Leader Pathway.  

Magdalene’s seeks to build strategic partnerships to ensure quality care for survivors and efficient use of community resources.

To ensure the highest quality of services for our survivors, we are in the process of engaging in partnerships with local, well respected organizations that are already providing Intensive Outpatient Recovery Programs, trauma-informed masters level counselors, medical and dental care and legal advocacy.